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The last few years and months after my transformation have been filled with new challenges and new milestones. Training for and competing numerous martial arts tournaments, running the Spartan Race for a second time, and even traveling to Thailand to train at a Muay Thai camp were all wonderfully humbling, uplifting, and exciting experiences. The next challenge for this year… Amazing Race Canada! Am I ready? I think so. This challenge, though, my partner and I are going to need your help and support. Not going to say much more about the race, I’m going to let the audition video speak for itself. If you think we can make it, share the love by liking, sharing, tweeting, our video! Also, stop by our Facebook page, Team Fight City, and drop us a line!


THE JOURNEY FROM 165lbs TO 124lbs

I did it. I lost the weight. Got cut. Got the 6 pack that I always wanted, but lookin more like an 8 pack these days. All thanks to hard work and dedication. What did I do differently this year as opposed to last year? Well first of all I didn’t fuss with my food. I ate what my body told me to eat, and with a little common sense thrown in there as well. My philosophy for eating is eat what you can burn off, and don’t bite off more than you can chew.

The second thing I did differently was find something active that I enjoy doing and that made me happy. And do it often. I love martial arts. And I’ve been practicing for years, but without any real dedication. This year, I trained pretty much every day in Kali and Muay Thai. The disciplines helped me refine my training and workout goals. After I got more into the sports, I realized I was training more to better myself as opposed to just going in for a workout. Working out is key, but if you workout towards a goal to improve your physical ability to do better as opposed to look better, I find you gain way more results. You sleep better, you eat better, you feel better, and looking better is just the collateral result of it all.

It’s a lifestyle change, and you really have to find your groove and stick with it. I find I’m smiling with a lot more confidence these days, and more often too. Positivity and energy, I feel, are the best results of a great workout.

With that said, my weight loss blog ends with the passing of this summer. Thank you all that have followed and I hope I’ve inspired some of you to keep up what you’re doing and to keep going.

Here are some way before shots of me and how I used to look. Years back when I was 160+lbs.

And now, this is how I look today (124lbs) thanks to Krudar Muay Thai.

And now for the body transformation pics.


And now me today; 124lbs