I Survived the Toronto Spartan Race!

And it was AWESOME! One of the best experiences I’ve had yet. 5 kilometers of running through fields, steep gravely hills, swampy mud, carrying tires, cinder blocks, buckets of mud, crawling through barbed wire, jumping over walls, climbing ropes, throwing javelins, and at the end, fighting through Spartans! Now this is what I call FUN!

Overall time was 35:17. Not bad for my first race. I placed 417 out of 2000. Officially there were 1882 placements, so I’m assuming there where those that didn’t finish the race or didn’t show up. I think I could have done better though. In the beginning I was playing too nice, following the crowd, helping people out. It wasn’t until the 3rd obstacle course that I woke up and said, “Hey this is a race!” So I kicked it into fight mode, and ran passed dozens of people. I was surprised at how fast I could actually run and compete without gassing out too! I’m really thankful for all the Krudar training and running! I think that’s what gave me the edge over most of the racers in my heat.

This is something you definitely have to train for if you’re going in it to win it. Over the hills and the obstacles I was passing and cutting through super ripped guys that gassed out and were catching their breaths. Some obstacles required you to do pushups and burpees. Easy! But I was surprised at how many jacked up bulky guys were struggling to do 5. Again, thank you muay thai training!

This race was a great challenge and I’m glad I got to do it. I’m also proud of my 3 team mates, Alex, Vince, and Marc who pushed through and stuck it through the end. I’m proud too that they all took their training seriously and made the effort into giving their all.This race was so fun for all of us that we’re now training for another one in 3 WEEKS! WARRIOR DASH! These races could be a new hobby!

All in all, I’m proud of my accomplishment in the race, and I’m proud in the fact that I overcame all the obstacles and the running with ease. Not once did I feel tired or feel the need to take a break. There was a lot of motivation from other people too. The Toronto Women’s Rugby team was in my heat, and they were a great challenge and motivation to me. I’d try to out race one, and as soon as I passed one, there’d be another one up ahead, or a new one on my tail. Great hustle! Made some new friends met a lot of other friends there that I didn’t know were racing. Most of them from Krudar too!

Can’t wait for the next Spartan Race! My only regret is that I couldn’t film the actual race. Maybe next time I’ll have a helmet cam and document it all! In the meantime, here are the rest of the winning shots from the day!

Starting Line. First Heat

First heat gathering at the starting line


Alex and Vince before the race

Team Shot

Marc making it through his first race!

Alex and Vince coming through the finish line

Finishg my first race ever!

My new mud buddy Jenn. One of the girls from the Toronto Rugby Team

Me at the finish line with the Spartan Chicks

My buddy Fernand from Krudar was at the race too! KRUDAR STRONG!

Alex's Winning Pose

My Winning Pose

Bad ass team shot

Epic Winning Shot


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