Training Is Simple. You Just Have To Do It. 7 Days Until Spartan Race! Putting My Training To The Test!

Spartan Race is only 7 days away! It’s the last week of training so I’m pumped. I didn’t think it would be possible for me to wish Monday would come faster because I just can’t wait to start training!

Training has been slowly becoming more intense over the last few weeks. I’ve found that I’ve been able to add a little bit more and go a little bit faster every day. Thursday, I ran with a few fighter’s from my gym. Running 5k with them is a bit tougher than running 6k on my own. Keeping pace with seasoned Muay Thai vets is a challenge in itself. But I did it! And did it feel good! And that was just warm up before class too!

I took Friday and Saturday off from training. Put back some much needed carbs and protein into my body. Saturday was suppose to be my first muay thai test. Was going to rank up, but the test got postponed till next Saturday; the day before the race! So even more to train for and look forward to.

Spent my Saturday volunteering at the Parkdale Cup Karate Tournament held by my Arnis Guro. Then in the evening, went and watched the muay thai demo’s at the gym I go to, Krudar. It was a great Saturday overall full of fights, community, and inspiration. That Saturday really inspired me to put my all into my training. Kru says, “it’s all very simple. You just have to put 100% of yourself in everything you do, and you will come out successful. Make every punch, every kick, every knee count.”

Krudar Anniversary: Fight Demos

It’s a truth I’ve been living by for the last few months. I realize that I’m at the point in my life where I have to make use of what I got and build on my strengths in order to be able to greet new challenges down the road. You work hard, you get stronger. Its simple. But it works. And it’s true. Life is full of challenges. Welcome them. Don’t let excuses hold you back. I realize that I used to think that was my motto. But in reality, it was more like Life is full of excuses. That was my old way of thinking. Life was only full of excuses because I chose to greet the challenges with excuses; and thus got nowhere.

It’s all very simple, like my Kru (teacher in Thai) and my Guro (teacher in Filipino) says. You already know how to achieve the results. It’s just all up to you. If things get complicated, it just means you’re thinking too much. Go back to the basics. Footwork. Technique. Then comes speed, then comes power. Its just so simple.

And they’re right. You eat too much; you get fat. You lay around too much; you get lazy. You want to lose weight, then you have to work out. Simple. Anyone can run 10k. But you can’t do it while sitting down.

9.1km in 37 mins

Today’s workout, yet another level up! Ran 9.1 km! Was actually aiming for 10, but my gps wasn’t working. Really, I just decided to keep running. I started jogging, and after the first 3km, I’d usually head south, then jog back home to make an even 6km. Instead, I just kept running straight. The only time I really stopped or slowed down was to tie my shoelaces that came undone about 3 or 4 times.

After the jog, got home and did 100 pushups which where 2 reps of 50 and 300 situps of different varieties.

I’m pumped for Sunday. Even more pumped for Saturday when I do my yellow shorts test for muay thai! I hope I pass. It would be great entering the Spartan Race as an initiated Krudar practitioner! 7 Days baby! AROO!


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