6km Doesn’t Phase Me! 19 Days Left Until Spartan Race!

19 more days till Spartan Race!

This week’s workouts are dedicated to endurance and cardio. I’ve been running 6km every day for the past week and a half. And that’s just warm up! People at my gym do a whole lot more. So I’m training for this Spartan Race like I’m training for a fight. How many rounds can I go?

Workout routine:

6km jog.

10 mins skip rope

30 jumping jacks

30 scissors

30 squats

30 lunges

50 front kicks (25 each side)

50 push kicks (25 each side)

200 pushups (100 on alternate days)

300 situps (100 on alternate days)

50 dead lifts 50lbs (only on alternate days)

80 shoulder shrugs 50lbs (only on alternate days)

40 curls 50lbs (only on alternate days)

40 20lb weighted situps (only alternate days)

Muay Thai ab workout combination (30 scissors, 30 flutters, 30 leg raises, 30 spring ups, 30 half spring ups)

Also, for those of you wondering if I touch up my result photos? The answer is yes. I have a cheap digital cam so shots are either over exposed or under exposed. The most I ever do though is just contrast, and exposure settings, sharpness, and fix the shadows so the definitions stand out more. NO AIRBRUSH! As proof, I took some pics on an even cheaper camera. My laptop’s built in webcam.


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