100 Days Complete! Thank you Krudar!

I finished 100 days early! The goal was to work out hard for 100 days. Rest days didn’t get counted, but I found that once I started going, I just kept going. Half of March and the rest of April was all thanks to Krudar Muay Thai Gym. Though I’ve hit my target early, doesn’t mean I’m going to stop. Still going strong and possibly a new update at the end of the Summer, and of course will definitely do a Fall/Winter challenge to stop the bulge from coming back.

The change in diet wasn’t too drastic, though I find once you start working out hard, your mind and body start making healthy choices automatically. The tendency to move away from fast food, processed food, and junk got easier the more I trained. I still treat myself to burger and fries every so often. I don’t believe in totally eliminating the foods you love, but I keep them in moderation. Basically diet consisted of a lot of cottage cheese, soy milk (due to my lactose intolerance), avocados, bananas, oranges, peanuts, almonds, ground turkey meat, and a lot of eggs.

If you all want to try the workouts I’ve been doing, and if you’re in the downtown core of Toronto or close by or in the area, come on down to Krudar. First class is free. There’s also a special from now until June. Every Saturday, one on one pad sessions with the fighters are only $10! This is deal is worth it. You get to work on your endurance, accuracy, and it’s an overall great workout with one of the pros! Full review on the gym at my alternate blog site BrownOutMagazine. Or you can check out their website as well!

image from tokietox.ca

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