The Last 30 Days! My Lil’ Sister Kicked My Ass in the Gym!

I thought I trained hard. Last week, I didn’t really know what hardcore was until I visited my sisters gym. She’s been taking Muay Thai at Krudar, downtown Toronto, and has always been inviting me to come out and take part. I used to just brush it off thinking my workouts were probably just as hard as theirs, me doing Wing Chun AND Filipino Martial Arts. I was sadly woken up to a new world of tough! But it brought on a whole new inspiration and insight into my workout plan and lifestyle. Where as I was training for combat, my sister was training to FIGHT! There’s a difference. And I learned that through sweat and pain.

It’s really true what they say. You can’t get results unless you work for them. I though I was working hard the last 30 days. Results were getting there. I was quite happy with myself and my progression, though I was getting that plateau symptom. It wasn’t until I kicked my training into overdrive during the last week and couple days though. I stopped concentrating on heavy weights and muscle building techniques, and went into full combat training.

That meant, full out cardio and resistance training. Twice, almost three times a day. Did a lot of core workouts like planks, lunges, but mixed them up with burpees and heavy bag training. To burn the fat on the sides an obliques, it was a lot of heavy bag kicking and knees. Strapped on some weights in the afternoon workouts to up the resistance. On top of that kettle bell workouts with supersets and drills.

On average I was working out 3.5 hours a day for the last week. Circuit training at lunch, then either Muay Thai or Kali/Arnis class at night. As for diet, I didn’t really change much except for the fact that I ate and ate at the right times and the right portions. Lots of eggs, tuna and toast though. Overall, it was about eating right, always moving, and drinking lots and lots of water.
With that said, I’m going to keep going at this as long as I can. In the last few months, fighting has become more of a part of my life than ever. Hoping to keep this up as an ongoing lifestyle and if all goes right, that newly found 6 pack will just get more defined when summer hits!


*note* If you’re all wondering why the pictures have a different hue or tone to them, it’s because my bathroom lights have been acting up as late. They’re two fluorescent bulbs. In the beginning, there were two. Then one would flicker off now and then. The previous week, both finally died, so i was taking pics in the bathroom with a lamp. Finally replaced the bulbs though, so that’s why the last pic is brighter.

Day One, Last year in May

Me Today


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