I Thought I Was Plateau-ing, So I Went on Gymga to See How Other People Were Handling Their Plateaus.

I think its safe to say, and this is my own personal observation, that I’ve gotten maybe too skinny. Lost a lot of weight, including muscle. But the hard part is done! And hopefully I can maintain it. Now it’s just body sculpting. Trying to tone those muscles and build them back up again. It’s hard to do though, and I gotta be really careful because I find I’m a lot more flexible these days. My martial arts instructors, both of them, have said that I’m not as stiff as I used to be before, and a lot more quicker.

Focusing on muscle groups is an easy trap to get into because you see results fast, and usually in areas that you want to see results in. For guys, focusing on the chest and arms seems to be the easiest to achieve results in. But sacrificing core and flexibility for sculpture often isn’t a great idea, especially if you’re training to compete in sports that require a lot of endurance and flexibility. Strength will be a given, but at what price?


Join and follow me on Gymga! Looking for motivation? Looking for a way to track your workouts and see your progression? Need motivation or new workout routines? Although in beta mode still, Gymga, I find, is a great site to keep you motivated and committed to your workouts. You get to share your workouts, follow other people and track their progression and see what their doing, read up on articles, and get ideas on how you can create your own routines that suit you!


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