Battle of the Holiday Bulge and the 2011 Reset

Where did I go wrong. Oh wait, I remember. Merry Christmas!

Ok, so I’ve been slacking. Big time. Not just during the holidays, but ALL of the DECEMBER! Not only have I been eating way too much, I haven’t been burning anything I’ve eaten. On top of that, I’ve lost a lot of muscle. So, here I go again. Time to dust off the old notebook, and re-stock my fridge (with healthy stuff). Add too, pull out my lunch box and my tuperware again. Yah, I’ve been eating out way too much.

So here I go again. The good news is I don’t have to change anything really. Just have to stop! Stop with the binge eating, and stop with the lazing around. I think I did pretty good in 2010. I got into a lifestyle that carried on through out the year. But with the cold weather and the holidays, I allowed myself too many rewards.

So really it’s back to the old lifestyle. Old recent lifestyle that is. I’m going to take this opportunity to add new routines to my workout and see how my body adjusts and molds to them. I’m a firm believer in muscle memory. I just need to get back into good eating again.

What I did today:

  • 24 flights of stairs. Ran down all 24, ran up 10, then walked the rest. Hoping to run up one more flight a day.
  • Kettle bell workout for a good 15 minutes right after.
  • Did some walking around. Finally put my car back in the garage. (I think driving around again spoiled me, so I wasn’t really expending energy getting to where I wanted to be. Instead I expelled my bank account with all the gas and parking fees)

Tomorrow, hoping to get back in the groove and do lunch time workouts again, and if I wake up early enough, gym in the morning!

This will soon change! Just wait!



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