Results After One Week of Retraining and Healthy Eats


Diet has been an elimination diet. I know this is a bad way to go, but I think I was due for a good cleanse. All I really eliminated were toxifying foods like meats and processed foods and sugars. That included beer unfortunately for me. (I did cheat once, but how do you say no to your boss when she asks you to come drink with the crew?)

Workouts haven’t been that intense. First day was full on torture. 6 hours total workout, which included biking to where I needed to go for the day. The workout included combat drills, light weights, and repetitious sparing with either my friends or with the bag. Next couple days, reintroduced weights again. Day 4 through day 7 was where I started going heavy weights again and using CLA’s.

Onto next week.

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  1. Hanhan said:

    we have the same theme? NO WAY! haha!

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