Stress and Weight Loss: I Didn’t Give Up. I Just Let Work Do it For Me.

During one part of the year, my job get’s really stressful. Responsibilities, workload, and time put into work increase. I’ve been working so much overtime the last month or so, I’ve barely had time to clean my house, cook, even take my dog out on proper walks, let alone work out. My poor guy has seen the park on average at least an hour a day, just enough to have two pee and poo times a day. Poor lil guy.

Anyways, I’ve been sort of worried about my figure and weight. I thought I’d balloon up again because I wasn’t working out, nor was I eating properly. But as I mentioned, I really didn’t have time to think or worry about this too much. I threw my hands up in the air and told myself, whatever happens happens, and If I balloon up again, I’ll just have to start from day one.

Can you believe it though, I actually lost weight! I most definitely lost a ton of muscle composition and muscle weight. But Even with the all unhealthy binge eating, or lack of eating, I didn’t gain anything. I thank my bike for that. Despite not having time to workout, my main mode of transportation these days is my bike. And due to road blocks to work, I had to take the longer route. So maybe that’s what kept me down, plus the stresses of my job. Perhaps fat ratio is up, but I’ll let the picture judge for itself. Time to fill that inbetween loose stuff with muscle again.


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