Last Temptation

It’s dark. The bathrooms are small, cramped, smelly, and dirty. The kitchen area needs work. Wait is that the kitchen area? No it’s the prep area. No wait. It’s the worker’s lounge/table area. No it’s where they make the nachos. The foozeball table leaves your hands covered in some strange oily goo. The back seating area is sweltering hot all the time for some reason. Was that gum I felt under my table?

Not the greatest spot on Earth, but it was the greatest spot this summer. The Last Temptation made my summer. It was the hub of all the great memories, friends, and company this summer. I work at the Kapisanan Arts Centre at Kensington Market. The Last Temptation was usually the first or the last spot of the night after a shift at the K. It was the neighborhood pub, our neighborhood, and we made it our pub. Some of the artwork posted on the walls of the pub were actually from one of our very own artists from Kapisanan. It was a great spot for us to sit, unwind, drink, or pre or post drink, and if we were inclined to (or later on as we found out after actually taking a good look at the place, desparate enough) have something to munch on, the menu items were quick, cheap, and tasty.

What kept us coming back were the assortment of beer on tap which were cheap and cold. $4.25 a pint or $12 and change for a pitcher. They had the standard pub fare of course with daily specials. Nothing beats the $5.25 burger and fries combo though. The fries, I admit, were/are pretty tasty. They’re more like potato wedges, lightly coated, fried to perfection. Other items of note were the pad thai, which I never tried, but a lot of people told me they were worth coming back for. The calamari was decent, and they had a unique brie and avocado sandwich.

As mentioned above, it’s not the greatest, or the cleanest (depending on the night I guess). However, it is what it is. Cheap food, cheap drinks, and the atmosphere, despite what I mentioned above, isn’t as bad as it seems. Go at night. It really is a transformation for the better. Maybe because the darkness of night hides some of the defects of the place. But it really does look better at night. The patio lights come on, the candles come out, and the string lights give the place a nice pleasant glow, especially when you’re walking down the street at night, and all you see is the comfy glow of The Last Temptation.

It’s the last day of summer, and spent another quiet chill evening on the patio with friends, under the glow of the string lights. I don’t know how the place fares in the winter, but The Last Temptation was definately a summer spot for myself and my friends. Thank you for the memories, good times, and cheap beer Last Temptation. Cheers!


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