Working Out Without the Weights Can Work Out.

I’ve been trying to get some more bulk in my upper body. The last week I’ve actually seen a slight increase in muscle mass, however, a slight increase as well on fat levels. Reason being, I’ve been slowing down on the cardio to gain the mass. However, I’ve also not been eating very healthily. With the crunch of preparing for G20 at one job, and preparing for a fundraiser at another job, and then a whole slew of personal problems on top of that, it’s been a tough week for the diet.

I haven’t been binge eating thank god, but I’ve been replacing my healthy meals with convenient meals. I’ve tried to choose wholesome non-processed stuff (chicken rotis, hand pulled wonton noodle soups, egg and toast sandwiches), but all the same. More calories and un-necessary carbs than I need. On top of that, drinking with mates on the weekend is still a must on my agenda, so there was no slowing down on that.

I must say though, upper body is looking good and getting to the point of where I want it. I think I’ve gone past the plateau a little bit. I’ve been approached by a few people on what I do to work out and whether or not joining a gym is necessary. I say no. One can make do with what they have at home for workouts. I think, and I stress I think, that in order to get muscle mass, one has to hit the weights, but a shapely built upper body and toned lower half can be done with next to nothing, with whatever you have at home. The video below is just an example of one of my home workouts when I don’t have time to go to the gym or when the weather’s bad and I don’t feel like biking.


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