After All the Work I’ve Put In, Maybe I Won’t Have Trouble Finding A Date for This?

Life Scribble readers! Here’s a personal invite to a time machine, to 1993. Take back that year! Take back Prom Night! Back then, I was labeled as a “nerd” or a “geek”. And when I wanted to roll with the big boys, or the popular kids, I was “The wannabe” or “reject”. Mostly because I preferred spending my childhood at the library, playing video games, or reading books….  and eating. I always wish I could go back in time as myself now, and show everyone up. Things change, and this program certainly has made me change for the better, not just physically, but emotionally as well. Who knew chemical imbalances affected your mood! (cue sarcastic slap on forehead)Maybe now after all the working out and healthy eating, I won’t have trouble finding a date for this Prom. Check out the promo vid and deets below!


Check out The Kapisanan website for deets on the event and directions to.


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