Fit Body. For Once in My Life. Again, but For Real This Time.

It was a tough week last week trying to keep up with the workouts. I’ve been lacking in the sleep department yet again due to a lot of going ons at work, plus my intern job. I’ve been able to squeeze in workout time, but I’m questioning myself, how much more effective would they be if I was getting enough sleep.

I’ve been pumping iron while on Purple K and a new protein shake that I’ve been trying. Fat loss has been quite significant and so has the increase in lean muscle mass. I haven’t been gaining much muscle mass, but the lean muscle underneath is growing to a good size and is hardening out quite well if I may say so myself.

Also been working on my abdominals  last week. I’ve been reading through articles about how a good set of abs starts with a good core, and abs develop naturally when doing full body workouts targeting your core. If done right you don’t have to do situps to get a six pack. But then why do so many men and women with these great washboard stomachs claim to do X amount of crunches and situps a day?

More research to follow, but will continue working on them with a mix of core excercises and ab workouts. Also, will continue this week to put more emphasis on the upper body area such as shoulders chest and back.

Week 7 Results

1 comment
  1. Kristen said:

    Have you tried Hot yoga yet?? Soooo good for your core and you’ll be amazed at the results.
    Lookin good!!!

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