I’m Hard!…No Not That Kind of Hard. DIRTY!

Day 1 to Day 41

I’m not going to count down the weeks anymore. I realized that I have no set time line or deadline. This whole project of mine is really just a motivational tool for me to stick with a healthy lifestyle. And posting the weekly results just helps with the motivation. So instead of saying Week 5 complete, on to week 6. I’m going to say, 6th week in, and going strong.

Kind of. I partied too hard this weekend. And let me tell you, what they say about alchohol and it being just as bad as sugary treats, is so true. Not only do you get the bloated look, with the dehydrated feeling afterwards, but if you don’t work off all that alchie before it turns into sugar… you’re in for a tough week ahead. Moderation is the key.

So one week into trying out CLA supplements. So far so good I think. I’ve experienced an increase in lean muscle mass. My abdomen feels harder, more firm, and more visible. Upper body and arms feel leaner and tougher as well. Now keep in mind I was on Purple K creatine as well. I’ll leave you to judge for yourself, but I think the CLA did help in cutting out the fat loss and maintaining lean muscle mass during the repair cycles of my day.

Keep in mind, there really is no miracle pill. I combined the supplements with proper diet and exercise and made sure I was taking the supplements at the right times as instructed. Oh one thing to add though, I’ve increased my protein intake last week. I started feeling a bit bloated on the last few days of the week, however, not sure if that was due to the increase of lean meat I was consuming, or because of the excessive alcohol I consumed over the weekend.

I have approximately enough CLA supplements left to last about a week and a half, and I’ll blog the results from there. Next experiment, maybe I’ll leave it to you guys. What do you want to see? Detox formula? Or results from using BCAA supplements during workouts?

Oh also stumbled on a great fitness and diet blog! Sylvie Nalezny is the author of realfoodnutrition.com. She gives great advice on what to eat, what foods to avoid, the break down of certain diets and diet structures, etc. Have a look see and expand your knowledge. I might even make a new segment on my blog schedules for introducing you all to helpful blog sites and websites.

Cheers all.

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