I Gained 5 lbs…And I’m Happy About It! Week 5 Done!

Slight increase on lean muscle mass

Week 5. And I’m on a new modified diet plan. Nothing’s really changed in my diet except I’m eating slightly more. I’m balancing out more carbs into my workout routine. Also, I’ve been doing more heavy resistance training and increasing my weights on my weighted cardio training as well, plus adding more weight training to my regiment.

I’m glad to say I’ve gained 5 lbs! Think I’m crazy huh? You’re probably thinking that I’m the only person you know who gets happy gaining weight. My goal is to increase more lean muscle mass. Like I said in my early early blogs, I want to get back to the shape I was in many month’s ago before I started letting myself slip.

With that said, I’ve changed my routine a slight bit, and my eating habits, however, nothing’s really changed much on what I eat other than more portions on protein and carbs. I was told that my nutritional intake wasn’t up to par with my activity levels. My nutritional levels weren’t enough to keep up with my activity levels, thus I was slowly burning out my body. I was losing weight yes, But I was getting skinny. Not fit.

My diet remains the same. No fast foods or processed foods other than peanut butter. I’m still maintaining my recommended daily servings of fruit and veggies, however, I’m adding more grains and starches and proteins. Ensuring I have at least 150 grams of protein a day whether they be through lean meat such as fish and poultry or protein shakes.

There is one slight significant change though, and I’m doing this more as an experiment. For those of you who follow my blogs and were ever curious or ever wanted to try out fitness supplements but were unsure of which ones to try or which ones would actually work and were worth your money, well. I’m your guinea pig. I’ll be blogging the progression and the  results of these two added supplements to my diet and workout plan.

Conjugated linoleic acids (CLA) are supplements one can buy at pretty much any drug store or fitness and nutrition stores. A pack of 90 run approximately $20. These conjugated linoleic acids are naturally found in numerous sources of food proteins and dairy products, and studies used with  concentrated formulas have shown increase in lean muscle production and reduction of belly fat and increase in belly firmness.

Creatine is naturally produced in the body and can help in muscle growth and synthesis. I’ll be taking concentrated doses of creatine to help increase muscle mass during weight training and post training, during recovery phases. Creatine can run you anywhere from $35 to $60 and is usually found in a powdered state. However, I’ll be using Purple K. A new form of creatine that comes in capsule form and if any of you have tried creatine before, you know that one of the side effects of concentrated forms is bloating due to water retention. Purple K, however, is developed in a way that mimics the body’s natural creatine production, thus eliminating the fluid and water retention within the muscles. In short, you get the benefits of concentrated doses of creatine without the bloat, therefor increasing in mass, but still maintaining that lean cut look.


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