I Can Eat More Food! And Burning it Off Easier! YAY! Week 4 is Out of the Way.

I’ve re-analyzed my eating habits and re-formulated my work out strategy. Actually my workouts are fine. Someone very close to me actually gave me, and is still throwing me, some really great advice on my program.fr

I’m doing everything fine actually. Body fat is burning off at a good rate. Weight is coming down even faster still. I lost another 10lbs since the last time! Muscle mass is toning up. But that’s where my problem is. I don’t want to just tone up, I want to shape up and bulk up.

My program is, was designed to bring an out of shape fatty body into a healthy fit body. I still don’t have the six pack that I wanted, but it’s getting there. However at the loss of my upper body mass.

However, that’s the bad news. The good news is I can’t start on my new eating patterns! I can eat more food! More meat! So long as it’s lean meat. (Chicken and fish) And I can add more carbs to my diet now too. Actually in truth, I was subconsciously cutting all the carbs out completely! Which she told me was the reason for my decreasing mass. My activity levels are way too intense to not be eating carbs. I’ve been carbing up on my cheat days. But during the last two weeks, I’ve noticed that I haven’t been eating any sorts of carbs other than 1/4 cup of oatmeal in the morning. And that wasn’t even every morning. Which is now why I’m starting a food diary too.

A reward to myself for losing more weight. Duck and wonton noodle soup from King' s Noodles.

Not only am I portion controlling, but I’m keeping track of my daily intake of food. Let me just make one thing clear. The food diary is not meant to count calories or carbs. I personally think that’s the wrong way to go about any diet, or program. And I know for a fact, a lot of nutritionists and dietitians and personal trainers will say it’s a negative way to treat a fitness plan. The food diary I’m making is actually going to make sure that I get enough food and nutrients for the day, rather than counting and limiting. It’s a good way to keep track of when and where you’re starving your body and when you’re over feeding, and what nutrients you’re missing out on. Take me for example. I thought I was eating really healthy, until I sat down with her and she broke down and laid out all the stuff I’ve been eating, and finding out I wasn’t actually eating enough!

So this coming week, and the weeks to come, I’m hoping to see better body results. Hoping to gain a little bit more muscle mass without adding on extra padding. Thanks love for all the help and advice. Going to put it into good practice. Also thanks everyone for keeping up and reading. Hope you all had a great long weekend! Cheers!

It's been four weeks!


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