You Love Fast Food Because You’re Hooked On it! Or You’re Hooked on it Because You Love it?

I met Carmen some weeks ago. Amazing speaker, and an even more amazingly talented woman. Check out her page. She was a speaker for a workshop being held at where I intern. Through researching her and what she did and actually hearing her speak and run the workshop, she’s been put on my list of top admirable people and mentors. Right there with Bruce Lee, Sun Tzu, and Jeremy and crew from PurePwnage.

Anywho, I mention her because she sent me a cool link about dopamine, in response to one of my previous blogs. The comment left with the link was “It’s dopamine. One orgasm equals two cheeseburgers”. I was craving hamburgers when I wrote that blog, so the link she left relating the effects of dope on my brain to the sense of pleasure I get from hamburgers was funny and well timed.

But aside from leaving a plug for a great person, it leaves me to my topic for the evening, so gather round my kiddies and listen up. Food has everything to do with your mood. It really does! I like to think so at least. I haven’t been this cheerful and, dare I say bubbly, since… I don’t know when. And it’s all from cutting out the processed food and just eating raw, whole foods (vegetables and grains) and following the rule of 1. One ingredient, or else I don’t eat it.

Oh man who invented this now? Temptations everywhere!

Fast foods and processed foods are like drugs. Sure you could burn them off if you worked hard at it. But it just seems like the more you eat, the worse you get, and the more addicted you get to it. After all, it’s convenient and cheap and readily available. But there’s a different feeling you get from working it off, than when you’re eating it as a reward. I also really do think that there’s something in processed foods these days that just alters how you think and feel. No really. How many times have you sat down to a big take out meal from a fast food restaurant and enjoyed your meal. Didn’t that enjoyment last no more than a few minutes after you were all done? What did you feel afterwards? Be honest. You felt sick didn’t you? Full, but a bloated full. Then you felt sluggish afterwards, and overall just gross, no? Keep it up and you just might have those feelings turn into moodiness.

I have a theory. The more crap you eat and put in your body, the less sensitive your taste buds become, and you end up just eating. I think your mind just goes on auto pilot and your body just automating itself, even when you’re not hungry, to just eat. I’m going to use the guy who sits in front of me at work all the time as an example. Work as in my day job. He eats a hamburger, or a chicken sandwich at 10am when the coffee truck rolls around. Washes it down with chocolate milk. Then at lunch, when the coffee truck comes back, he wolfs down two hot dogs, and washes that down with either a tall bottle of Gatorade or more chocolate milk. And then later on he’ll grab some chips or a chocolate bar from the snack machine! And by the way, the coffee truck, unless the guy buys the pizza from the grocery store, sells the most unpalatable food one can ever encounter! Not only is he one of the laziest guys I know, but his mood swings go from sleepy I don’t give a fuck, to annoyed, pissed off and leave me the hell alone. When he gets like that, he goes out and finds the coffee truck. Poor guy.


Shared a quinoa cookie recipe with a friend earlier today. But here’s one for you all. A recipe for quinoa brownies! Maybe someone will be so kind to make a batch and share? I suck at baking.


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