I Get More Hits When I Post Topless Pics of Me. Why? Nothing’s Changed.

I’ve hit that point. That point where nothing changes. I’ve plateaued. Great. Everyone gets to this point when they’re on a workout routine. You see drastic changes that mirror the drastic changes in your active lifestyle and eating habits. Then your body adjusts and starts to consider that a new norm.

It’s true what they say. You can’t keep doing the same thing over and over again because nothing changes, unless that’s what you want. It’s two and a half hours until the third day of my fourth week. It’s time to kick it up a notch.

What clued me in? I’m starting to get hungry again. More often. And craving sweet stuff. This is a sign that your body’s fat and energy reserves are depleting. This is a good thing in a way, but bad if goes unchecked. Means if I give in to the cravings in a bad way like cave on sweets, or bulk up on the servings, I can find myself, my body, starting to stockpile the calories and fat. Not what I want.

My workouts are getting easier. I’m barely working up a sweat now. And the bike rides to my other job aren’t as tiresome. I thought I was actually just breaking in my bike, but in actual fact, I’ve been adjusting to the routine and the route.

So how do you get motivated to kick it up a notch? So what’s the secret energy food that will boost you up in the morning, or get you off the couch after work so you can head to the gym, or go for that jog? If you’ve been following my posts, there really is no secret food for it. Just keep eating and doing what you’re doing. On low energy days, or moments, I can easily say eat a banana or an apple, or have some green tea or black coffee to give you some energy.

Do what you want really, whatever gets you off the couch. But the key thing that will get you to move is that first step. Even an old stubborn car engine, once it gets going and starts to rev up after a few turns of the ignition, it’ll chug away like it was made yesterday. You just have to push yourself off the bed or off the couch and get it done and over with. Once you touch those weights, or hit that pavement, I guarantee that that’s all you’ll need to get going. Just get out there.


This is for a friend. How to kill those sweet tooth cravings. Tons of snacks, like apple with peanut butter, strawberries and cheese, or just a spoonful of peanut butter can help kill those cravings. A sure fire way to kill them is to bite or chew on a piece of semi-dark or bitter-sweet chocolate (from pure cocoa). It’s a good anti-oxidant, plus it will kill the chocolate cravings. If all else fails, drink some water. Lots of it.

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  1. Kristen said:

    You’re the best!!! Thanks for all the tips! 🙂

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