I Have a Beef With Health Articles! And I Wish I Had More Beef in My Fridge Too.

Not everyone works 9-5 and gets 3pm coffee breaks.

I have a beef with health articles and health blogs. Not everyone works a 9-5 job, and it seems like every article I’ve researched seems to believe that people are in one of two categories. One, they’re stay at home spouses who have all the time in the world to cook all sorts of food and work anytime and all the time they want. Two, they’re living the so called rat race of the dreaded 9-5 job where they sit in an office all day, and their biggest problem is either what to eat for lunch, or not being able to get their asses off their chair to take a walk!

What irks me is the schedules some of these articles put out for when the best time of the day is for loading your body with nutrients. What irks me the most however is the not eating after 8-9 pm rule. I mean the idea behind it is sound. You do need to give your body substantial time to digest dinner before heading off to bed in order to keep your metabolic and digestive rates all in check. Yada yada yada. But who goes to bed at 9pm? And what about the people that start their work days at say… 3pm? Or the shift worker that pulls a graveyard shift at work?

Some of us commute home during the morning rush hour

I think it’s more to do with timing, and not to be egotistical, but I think I’m right. Many times have I had a late dinner, stayed up a few hours later, simply because I wanted to squeeze as much personal time as I could get, then sleep in for a good 7 hours the next day, just because I happen to have that random day off during the week for working the weekend. So long as I had enough sleep to digest properly, I didn’t wake up bloated or full.

I like the articles that simply state the fact of eating every few hours with balanced and proper portions and servings. Makes sense to me to time your meals according to your work and activities. After all, a lot of people on the rush hour commute home are actually rushing to work. And vice versa, those on the rush hour commute to work are actually just heading home.

On a foodie note. I’ve learned to balance my meals to have the heavier stuff in the morning and during the day, and having a real light dinner. An early one. You’ve probably heard it all before, breakfast should be the biggest meal, thinning it out as the meals through the day go. However, don’t make your breakfast the biggest meal in size. I’ve learned that it’s not about portions but rather the type of food you’re taking in. Put the majority of your carbs in your breakfast to energize you through the morning and for a better part of the day.

Fibrous snacks in between to cycle some of the carbs out of your system through the day. Put more proteins in your lunch time (whenever that may be) with soluble fibers instead of starchy fibers. (fruits and veg as oppose to bread). Keep your portions appropriate to your activity levels though. Eat too much protein for lunch and you might end up feeling sleepy after. Snack a lil before dinner (again whenever that may be). And for dinner, bread and water….JUST KIDDING! Have anything you want really, but cut the portions in half. I like to do 1/4 cups each of two vegetables, half a serving of protein, and 1 serving of fruit. If I need a late night snack, I’ll have a spoon full of peanut butter to prevent muscle breakdown overnight.


Instead of heating the oil in your pan and then frying your chicken or fish in it, try rubbing your chicken or fish with oil first, then fry it. Less mess, less oil, and you get a better sear.


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