Survived Week 3! I Get More Narcissistic Everytime I See Results. Time To Humble Myself With Some Pizza.

This week was dedicated to muscle mass and muscle building. I think I’m the only dieter/workout-er that complains about losing weight. Although my bottom half is looking more shapely, I want my top half to be ultra shapely and ripped. Well at least to the point that it used to be, which if I was as narcissistic as I was a few years ago, you’d see what I looked out when I was puking my guts out at the gym, hardcore pro style.

I’m pretty satisfied with the results so far and have been getting used to eating fruits and veggies. Instead of hitting a take out place when I don’t pack a lunch, I visit a vegetable stand or the grocery store and I go pick myself up an apple, some bananas and nuts. One day I even caught myself picking up some carrots. To eat whole. For a meal. Bleh.

I’ve been increasing my protein intake however. I stitched the 5 day progress of this week, and thought I’d see myself balloon up again, but it wasn’t so. Scroll all the way down to take a look. At least to my eye, I look like I’m beefing up after having leaned out last week. But man, do I have to triple time my work outs next week. I’m in for another toughie, because I never had a distinct cheat day this week. Had beer 3 days in a row. I wasn’t downing pints like I used to. But I’ve been going out for dinner with different people the last few days, and beer was the beverage of choice, although I did limit myself to a pint and a half each time.

No excuse. So it’s torture time next week, and just so I stay true to my word, and as proof to you guys that I’m actually puking my guts out, I’ll be making another workout vid or two on next week’s blogs. As for now, I survived week 3! On to week 4. Punishment week for rewarding myself, too much this week’s end. It was all worth it though and I can’t complain. Good food, great company, which I’ll write about later. But fair is fair and one should live up to the consequences of one’s actions. Tomorrow is going to be hell.

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