Food Tantrums: Have I Told You Yet That I’m Craving a Burger!?

Why am I craving a burger so much. Today more than yesterday. And the day before that. I’ll tell you why. I’m starting to feel guilty and grossed out every time I walk past a fast food place or even look at a fast food menu. Fast food take out. Yes, a lot of people would argue that it’s naturally a stomach turner anyway, all that processed meat and fried stuff cooked in grease and animal fat. Even biking past a fish and chip shop, and nearly gagged at the whiff of oil that hasn’t been changed for hours.

Being on this new healthy eating trip has made me appreciate food. And I’m not talking about the every day fresh food that I’m eating currently. I’m talking about food. Food! Like a good old beefy, ground chuck, hamburger. Yah you can get a hamburger anywhere these days, but the question is, where can you get a GOOD hamburger. Eating the way I’ve been eating for the last 2 and a half weeks makes me more picky on where I choose and what I choose to eat for my cheat days. McDonalds is not a reward.

So back to my cravings of a good burger. Last weekend, I allowed myself to have a burger. Out. At a restaurant. The Fresh Wood Grill in Kensington Market boasts out grilled smokey wood flavor due to being cooked on a fresh wood grill. I love how the name of the restaurant just sums up what the food is like at the restaurant.

image from BlogTO

Walking by, I smelled nothing wafting through the grill. All I took in was the distinct smells of Kensington Market street life, the life on that particular street to be exact. A fish store next door, and another one across the street. Walking in was no smokey welcome either. You did get some woody smokiness, to be fair, but nothing outstanding enough to make your mouth water. We sat in the back as most, no all the seats in the front were just tables of two. The back was cozy with a nice warm glow, that from far looked real homey and comforting. Until you sat down and took a whiff of the bathroom which was downstairs. The smell of the plumbing rising up from below was enough to get us to sit at the bar.

Ok enough about smells, lets get to the food! Which was. Disappointing. I had a burger, (they advertise organic) with nothing other than the usual lettuce, tomato and onion. Typical burger fair. I had greens as a side. Which to me, when reading the menu, sounded like some roast green veggies. No. For $3 extra I got wet lettuce and tomato, drizzled with a little olive oil? Or something like it.

My one friend got a burger too with a side of sweet potato fries and some pesto dip. The pesto dip, I tried and was actually pretty tasty. The fries… sad to say were soggy. I took a look at the fryer, and it looked as if it hadn’t been changed for a few hours or so. My other friend got a club. Her’s looked real tasty and more filling than my burger. She couldn’t finish the other half, (Instead of being sandwiched with bread, it was wrapped in a sourdough flat bread), which I’m now wishing I tried when she offered it to me. Her fries too were soggy.

The meat, to be fair, was good. Not the greatest burger, but decent. It did have a smokey wood flavor and a slight aroma to it. And the texture of the beef  was what I was expecting from a burger. However, the size of it was disappointing. I was able to finish it off in just a few chomps. Good for my diet, but not what I was hoping as a cheat or reward meal. I should have ordered a beer with my meal. At least it would have made it worthwhile. But I got a glass of water because we didn’t feel like staying longer than we should. All in all, I wouldn’t go back, not even for takeout.

Ah damn. This blog turned to be another review. Something different I guess.


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