Round 3! More Charfing in Order to Gain More Weight This Time Round?

Day One. This is how I looked when I first started.

Remember this pic? This is what I looked like when I first started. This was day one. I was still working out before this actually. But I wasn’t eating well. I was under the impression that I could eat anything I wanted to, so long as I stayed active enough to burn it off. Good theory. But what I didn’t know was that the food I was putting in me took more than just a jog through the park or an hour at the gym to burn off. I was actually rewarding my hard work at the gym with burgers and shawarmas and over sized dinners.

2 weeks into a new lifestyle, going on my third. I’m still eating a lot but I’ve cut out all the processed junk and the fast food places. I’m pretty much just following one food rule. The rule of one ingredient. If it has a nutrition and ingredient label on the package. I don’t buy it, I don’t eat it. Actually almost all of what I eat now doesn’t come packaged. I’m now measuring cups of chopped, boiled, steamed veggies, portion sizing my meat, and eating whole foods, raw, like carrots, apples, oranges, strawberries, pears. I’ve replaced my snack foods like chips and cookies with raw almonds, celery sticks, and all the coffee and tea I feel like. I’m drinking more water, no more pop, and the only juice I drink now is fresh orange juice not from concentrate. I feel…


Week 2 progress, after I've cut out all the junk in my diet.

It’s round three of my new fresh foods diet and intense workout regime. I’m not working out today. I should though. Spent most of the day laying about with my dog, doing laundry. Then the other half of the day and the evening at home for mothers day, where the fam kept feeding me non stop.

But with all that said, I’m 15 lbs lighter. That should tell me something. Either A) I’ve been doing too much cardio and I’ve lost muscle mass. Or B) I was actually fatter than I thought I was. Or C) I’ve been eating too little and working out way too hard. Next week is going to be dedicated to muscle mass. Still going to keep the diet consistent, but going to up the protein a lil bit. That means, peanut butter in my diet and more protein shakes. At proper intervals of course. Good news, I lost the weight. Now it’s time to get cut!


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