Barf! Again! This Time at Processed Food: Goal Setting, Practices and Putting Them Into Practice

I never thought this would ever happen. I think I’m transforming into some hideous, mutant. I looked at a shawarma today.. and couldn’t stomach the sight of it! I watched someone eat a Burger King whopper meal in front of me… and I wasn’t jealous at all! I wanted to puke actually. And the saddest part of all…. I got home, and found a box of oreo cookies in the cupboard. And I closed the cupboard.

I can’t stomach anything anymore unless I made it myself. From scratch. With fresh ingredients. The only processed foods I’ve been eating the last week and half were a few table spoons of cottage cheese every so often, and some buck wheat soba noodles I had today… which I couldn’t finish!

This healthy lifestyle, I tell you, it’s  curse. I’ve been told that I shouldn’t deprive myself of food that I like, but now I can’t even stand to look at the foods that I like to eat! Instead, I’m snacking on carrots again as I blog this out. Friday. I must order a burger! With onion rings. And beer! I refuse to give up my love, no my passion, for hamburgers and beer!

Which brings me to a more serious topic. Goal Setting. I should actually be blogging about this on my work blog, but I figure this would kind of tie in to what I’m doing to myself currently. The Kapisanan Arts Centre is hosting a series of business workshops for artists and creative people. The series is going to marry business and art, so that art can sell, and artists can support themselves doing what they love to do, and they don’t have to starve in the process of doing it!

The first work shop will be a session on goal setting, hosted by the very alluring and charming Carmen Leilani De Jesus. Ok I’ve only met her once, and it was to say hello while she was visiting the centre, but read her website. I did. And man was I impressed. I try not to quote too much on my blogs, but I can’t put a better description of her than what my bosses did on the facebook events invite page.

If Carmen De Jesus were one of the X-Men, her power would be Force Multiplication. That’s what you get when you work with her. Your own power – clarified, focused, and multiplied. She is a catalyst who is built to turbocharge and train mental athletes, determined artists and individuals ready to breakthrough to their next level of Mastery.

All I can say is wow. I’m hoping to attend to learn new ways of self motivation and discipline so I can stay on track with this program of mine, and set realistic and achievable goals. I know, I know, it’s a business workshop, not a health and fitness expo. But I’m determined to see my goals be reached and played out. The more angles I have at doing so, the better. Plus, not to be sentimental, but working at The Kapisanan Arts Centre, has already opened up so many doors and worlds for me, and is already a breath of new air in my life. Anything it hosts, can only be positive. I invite all of you to come, especially if you’re looking to start something new, and don’t know where to start or need to motivation to!

Scribble Notes:

The workshop starts tomorrow, 6:30pm @ 167 Augusta Ave. Toronto, ON. For complete details and prices, check out the Kapisanan Arts Centre website:


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