I Survived Week 1. Now for More Torture!

Saturday's Lunch: 1/4 cup of quinoa, 1/2 cup of spinach, and 1 chicken breast (approximately 1 cup if chopped up)

I didn’t think I would or could ever do what I’m doing right now. Measuring out my food portions. Right now, I’m sitting down to a dinner of 1/2 a cup of edemame, 1/4 cup of boiled sweet potatoes, and two veggie enchiladas, minus enchilada sauce (one enchilada = 2 tsps of cottage cheese, 1 tbs chopped boiled spinach, wrapped in a corn tortilla) OH! And I decided to start the week off with a small treat to myself! Half an glass (4 oz) of ginger ale! Whoop dee doo. (sarcasm)

Went for a long 30 minute jog with 1 minute sprint intervals every 5-8 minutes. I felt I needed to because I’ve been eating all day. In between breakfast and lunch, had an apple and some carrots every two hours. I feel so bloated. (sarcasm again)

In all honesty I feel satisfied and nourished. At the moment I’m just munching down on my dinner, and not wolfing it down like usual. Actually almost feeling a bit full after the first enchilada.

This week’s workout is going to be dedicated to a full body MMA style workout. Haven’t done one of those circuits in a while. Right after standard weight sets, going to be doing a lot of ground and pounds, heavy bag training, tire flips, and shin conditioning. Can’t you just sense the excitement?

Scrib Notes:

Make your veggies more appetizing. After boiling them, douse them in cold water real fast so they maintain their color and texture!


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