It Can be Work, or It Can Be A Lifestyle

Results from Day 1 to Day 7

Day seven. I finally made it. Didn’t get to blog the last two days as I was preoccupied with a few things but in short summary:

Friday: Cheat day. Had a few pieces of roast pork with some wonton noodles. We had an event that night at work, so there was an after party with the staff and my super cool boss/coworker Jodee. I was going to be good but my whole team was there, including MAR! Who’ve I’ve wanted to see drunk for a while, and she brought her sister too. Cracker Cakes was there plus a real cool guy visiting from the Phillippines. So any of you who know me, knows this calls for more than just one pint of beer…. um 5?

Pan Seared Rainbow Trout with Cous Cous

Saturday: I’m a tank. After drinking last night, I was still able to wake up in the morning to go to the gym and hit it hard! I felt really guilty after my cheat day, but Nadia kept telling me that it’s ok to cheat, so long as it was only once a week. It’s all about discipline I guess. Here’s what I had for lunch after the workout, which I prepared myself. After all the rabbit food and protein shakes I’ve been eating for the last few days, I figured I shouldn’t deprive myself of what I wanted to eat, so long as it was healthy. Actually I would have preferred a nice big steak or a an extra beefy hamburger. But I was good. Video below is me preparing lunch.

Overall, I think I’m pleased with the results. I was hoping to get back my hard body real quick within the first week. I slimmed down and toned up a bit, but I think I need more work. Actually going to go back to my old workout routine and lifestyle though with a little less fish and chips, burgers and beer, and more whole food home cooking eating. I still have my cheat days, so I’ll be looking forward to those. Next cheat day, I’m really going to sink my teeth down into a big chunky burger from wBurger Bar.

Scribble Notes:

Didn’t forget my personal challenge. I surpassed it actually. Went 8 sets of 10 reps in under 6 mins! I think i need to set higher goals for next week.


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