Bulk But Not Cut, Let’s Change That.

End of the third day and the journey has been bitter sweet so far. Been biking around the city. If I bike to my other job at the Kapisanan Arts Centre, that would be a total 10 kilometers there and back, every day. So 10 kilometers a day of biking, plus my workouts at the gym, I should get back to my old self by Sunday. Keep that up, and I should back to my normal body in a few weeks.

However, going back to yesterday’s post and my bit about how hard it is to get abs. I got a wake up call from a good friend of mine.

You eat like shit [ ]… I think that’s your problem! If you ate as hard as you worked out you’d have a 12pack

She was right. I do eat like shit. I’ve been banking on the premise that I needed to maintain a high calorie diet because of all my working out and training that I did. I also was banking on the premise that protein, and lots of it was the key to my well being. I was right, to a point. I was eating either too little of the right stuff and too much of the wrong stuff, and I enjoyed beer on a patio way too much. 

So while I work on my routine for the week, I’m going to start planning a good diet plan too. I’ve been eating somewhat healthy so far, but going back to what I’ve been eating, I think I’ve been depriving myself and not eating enough! Today was an exception. Lots of fruit and veg, oatmeal, and no meat what so ever. Getting my 160 grams of protein from protein shakes which account for most of my calories. It seemed healthy, but I miss my meat. I don’t know how vegetarians do it, but as I sat at the Urban Herbivore I looked around at all the vegans and vegetarians. This diet has to be doing something because they were all slim! I just have to remember, I’m not trying to lose weight, but pack it on. Just cut and burn the fat. Research, here I come!


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