Bulking Up to Look Slimmer

At least I can still fit in my wet suit.

I’m going to let you all in on a secret. Before I do, just know that I didn’t make this up. A lot of guys and girls actually do this. The coveted 6 pack abs is hard to achieve. For men especially, as most of our fat settles down the tummy area. It’s not impossible to get washboard abs. But with the average guy’s (and gals) work schedule, it can be a bit hard and can take a while for real results to show up.

But remember, I said it’s hard, not impossible, and it’s certainly achievable. I’ve only made it half way over the years. I have a good prominent 4 pack, but that stubborn layer of fat along the waist just won’t go away. Studies in health magazines even admit that one has to work out and burn calories and work muscle groups at least 3-6 hours a day to achieve the chiseled look, coupled with strict diets.

So how do I commit 6 hours to working out with my work schedule? Where do I squeeze the time in between work, crumbling personal life (or lack of), and walking my dog? Before finding out all this, I use to work out at least 3-4 hours every other day and at least 1 hour on off days. I’d hit the gym in the morning for an hour, if I had time during work, I’d jog for 20 minutes, or hit the punching bag for 20. Then I’d go to fight classes after work for 3 hours. 1 hour weight resistance and stamina training, then 2 hours of wing chun practice. I’d be on protein shakes, omega 3 supplements, CLA 92 supplements, creatine every other month, and testostorone boosters every 2 months. AND I STILL COULD NOT GET THAT 6 PACK THAT I ALWAYS WANTED!

My discipline is Wing Chun Kung Fu. But I don't train for health or self defence. I train for the throwdowns that my gym hosts every so often.

After reading more health mags, and some fashion mags, and talking to a couple of guys and gals a the gym, found out this was a common dilemma. There was no secret. All anyone ever needed was time and patience and dedication. But, the most important thing I learned was to feel good about yourself, and take in the compliments, all of them, and stop fishing for the ones you want or are looking for. So what if I didn’t have that 6 pack washboard stomach. One of my instructors was teaching us the mechanics of proper punching and absorbing punches. He asked me how much I weighed, and he got caught off guard. I’m 5’5″ and I weigh 165 lbs. “You don’t look like you even weigh 140!” he said, “Even I (5’11 and 240lbs of jeet kune do body toned muscle) can’t take 165 lbs of force dead on.”

I may not be chiseled, but I was built and solid as a rock. And I needed to take that as an accomplishment because 3 years prior, I was a bloated round 134 lbs with no muscle at all and could barely run 10 minutes on the treadmill. I looked gross with a shirt let alone shirtless. Which leads  me to that nifty little secret that some people let me in on. (Not much of a secret because I read similar tips in health mags).

Trim and build your upper body to give the illusion that you have a slimmer stomach and waistline. If you have wide rounded shoulders, thick or strong arms, defined neckline and back, it won’t matter weather you have a 2 pack or a 4 pack, or if you look like you’ve drank to the bottom of a barrel the night before. You will look good in a shirt and you give the illusion of a hard chiseled stomach. On top of that, the workouts you do to maintain that upper body (provided you’re doing them right) also workout your core. So hit that chest, back and arms, and eventually the lower body will follow suit.

Day 2 now and getting some muscle mass back. Been doing really well actually. Target was at least 15 minute hard workout a day. Been doing more so far, and been doing good. 5 more days. Now hopefully I can hold onto my diet. No beer until the end of the week.


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