Fueling Up To Trim Down

Bannanas, Cod Live Oil, Metamucil, and Protein Powder. Fuel for the new bod.

First day of my back to the routine week. Sad to say it’s disappointing. It truly is easier to pack on the fat than it is to burn it off. But I still say with enough dedication, one week of working out can produce as much positive and noticeable results than one week of binge eating and not working out.

As I said from the last post, I blame this crash on lack of sleep. I didn’t get enough sleep last night sad to say. Just close to 5 hours, but I had a two hour nap during the day. Today, I got home and had another 2 hour nap after work. I’m hoping to get some good shut eye tonight, if not at least another hour on top of last night’s.

Diet was unhealthy, but somewhat low cal. Coffee and blueberry muffin for breaky, 3 small ground beef enchiladas (home made bachelor style using ragu sauce instead of enchilada sauce), and I’m yet to decide on dinner. Probably some celery with peanut butter, and a banana with peanut butter. I love peanut butter. Oh and I had my first dose of protein shake for the week. Should’ve done it earlier today, but didn’t want to start until I started working out.

Speaking of, took my dog for a jog/walk down the lake for an hour. I love how my dog is a chick magnet. And I love the eye candy down at the lake this time of the year. After the jog, got home, fed my boy and started a resistance/cardio routine that I saw from charliejames1975 on YouTube. Felt great! I could feel the endorphines rush through me again as I hold my stomach to the feeling of wanting to hurl.

Looked in the mirror though… and still have a ways to go. Tomorrow is weight training day. I have my routines planned for the week. Going to do a different cardio routine every other day, and add a new muscle group every other day to my weight training routine to confuse the body and get an overall muscle build and fat trim. I want my Spartan body back! How could I have let myself go like this!

Possibly after this week if results are optimal, I’ll try hot yoga next week.

Scribble Note:

Guys, what worked for me in the past was upping your protein and doing a good weight training program. The more muscle you build, the more fat you burn!

  1. fen said:

    hey bro, I’m currently going through a training regimen too, with help from a nutritionist at Extreme Fitness. Even tho it was probably lean, avoid that ground beef!!! stick to turkey, chicken, and fish and you’ll get cut in no time haha

    anyway, good luck

    • citizenmars said:

      Thanks bro! Good luck to your regime too! Summer season’s the best time to workout. Make use of all that energy! Cheers to good health!

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