Trim the Waist, Get Some Sleep

For the last week, I’ve gone through a terrible bout of insomnia. It’s been hard getting sleep when I’ve been starting at 6am at work. So for the last week, I’ve skipped the gym, haven’t worked out at all, even at home, and I’ve been binge eating and having late night meals. Coupled with no sleep, my digestion has gone on the fritz and my muscle mass has shrunk, and my waist line has grown. All in one week!

So for the next week it’s diet and excercise. I’ve done my groceries for the week, and I’ve set a schedule for sleep and working out this week. I’m not going to make any long term monthly promise as we all know, it’s hard to keep resolutions, especially ones that involve losing weight. I know I can trim down. I’ve done it before. I love working out actually. I’m blaming my new found porkyness on the extreme lack of sleep I’ve had last week. I have two more days of starting my day at 6am, then it’s back to my normie schedule of 7am. It’s almost hard to believe that one hour makes a difference, but it does!

So for one week, I’m going to try working out hard on some weight resistance training and weight lifting. Giving myself tops at least 15 minutes a day for workout involving weights. I usually do a lot more (1 hour weight training plus another 1 hour cardio throughout the day, then at least half an hour to 45 minutes of either yoga or kung fu). But I’m not going to kid myself. I still have a lot of work to do at my job and my other intern position at the K. So next week will just be getting back into the routine and we’ll see the results from there. 7 days I give myself and I’ll blog everyday about what I do and the results. One week.


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