The K Goes Punk for an Afternoon

All Ages DIY-Punk Matinee hosted by No Apathy in community partnership with The Kapisanan Centre.


ANCESTORS (Post-hardcore punk from Toronto)

KALE (’90s-style hardcore from Montreal)

!ATTENTION! (Positive pop-punk from Toronto)

I’ve gone a long way from my small town, preppy/jock, rich kid wanna be hardcore life. 45 kilometers away. In an underground basement filled with great people and great vibes, I rediscovered my love for punk, and at the same time, discovered the true vibe of what it is, or was, to be punk. The crowd was political, the crew was resourceful, the bands were raw and hardcore. Everyone had an opinion, everyone had a point, and everyone came together to share it all in through some head thrashing body pumping music.

This wasn’t the stuff I was used to or grew up with. No mosh pit forming, venue bashing, furniture destroying crowds here. No sneaking of alchohol, no pizza served right out of pizza boxes, no toilet paper crazy wasteful hooligans here. Although it was an all ages crowd, there was none of the cliche or the headaches that an all ages crowd brought. It was rather a venue, an open forum, for people to sell and promote their vegan baked goods, distribute flyers on various organizations to help the poor and the starving, and the starving artists, an of course to promote the bands and the music.

Either I need to get out more, or I’m finally growing up the way I wanted to.

“No Apathy! works to maintain a safe environment for all who participate in our events so forms of oppression such as homophobia, sexism, or racism are not welcome at No Apathy! shows. Let’s work together to build a community based on mutual respect as well as shared ideals.”


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